StempleCrites celebrates 2nd Anniversary

StempleCrites is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary (8/1/19). We would like to thank everyone; from those who have kindly connected via LinkedIn, to those who have trusted us to help them, their company, or their clients, for helping us to succeed and hopefully vice versa. Thank you for seeing us as a resource, trusted advisor, business partner, value-add, and teammate in solving your business needs. Special thanks to Todd Stanton, John Gibson, and Geoffrey Gage. Our interns over the past year: Jennifer Skalak, Jon-Alec Parker, and Matthew McArdle. Last, but certainly not least, thank you to our families! Our wonderful wives and precious kids / teenagers (Insurance friends, feel free to send us super-low, outrageously cheap auto insurance quotes for teens). Special mention and thanks to our pseudo board of directors Jonathan Tibus, Scott Wooley, Ian Groves