StempleCrites Volunteer Outing

On Wednesday, April 21st, StempleCrites volunteered through the Piedmont Park Conservancy to assist in the sustainability and transformation of Piedmont Park.  We spent the morning helping to weed, spread mulch, prune shrubs, and pick up litter, while learning which team members were most squeamish when coming across snakes during our activities.

We picked this service project as part of our annual commitment to give back to the community because Piedmont Park is central to both Atlanta and our personal daily routines.  Our office is located on the 200+ acre park, which leads us to be part of the 4 million annual visitors when taking walking breaks along the paths/trails or eating lunches on the patio overlooking the park.  The outing was a great opportunity to get away from the office, bond as a team, and give back to such a great resource.